Student’s Chairperson is Inaugurated.

In order to help our students to perceive their potentialities, University of Southern Somalia supports establishment of Student Union to perform activities. The role and functions of the Student Associations are:

  • To organize and conduct students programs
  • To provide training and instructions to students
  • To explore the potentialities of the students
  • To organize inter tournament play
  • To advise and approve programs and
  • To coordinate, advise and monitor programs.

The winners of the Students’ Union Executive and vice chairperson election have been announced and inaugurated on 29th March-2019 at the main campus.

The Elections for Students’ Association positions also allow students some real democratic power. While the Students’ Association’s power may be limited it does show student priorities and can push in the direction that students want policy to go.

Finally, the University Vice-chancellor, Dr. Abdirazak Haji Hussein, congratulated them.



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