English Program

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English Language Program

A. General English Language Courses

  • Levels of Study
  1. Elementary Level;       2. Intermediate Level;          3. Advanced Level

Courses & Schedules

Course Duration

Each course is designed to last for a period of 6 months. After successful completion of a course by exams and other assessments, a student will move to the next upper level. The student will be awarded a Completion Certificate after studying one year and will join his/her main course of Degree program. A study of over one year will earn the student a Diploma of his/her level of study.

Course Schedules

  1. Ordinary Course: 1hr 30mins X 3 days a week (Sat. – Mon. – Wed.)
  2. Ordinary Course: 1hr 30mins X 3 days a week (Sun. – Tue. – Thu.)
  3. Intensive Course: 2hr X 5 days a week (Sat. –Wed.)
  4. Special Intensive Course: 4hrs X 5 days a week (Sat. – Wed.)

Communication & Special Skills Program

  1. Special Oral Comm. (Speaking) Course: 2hrs X 4 days a week
  2. Special Writing Skills Course: 2hrs X 4 days a week
  3. Special Listening Course: 2hrs X 4 days a week
  4. Special Reading (Comprehension) Course: 2hrs X 5 days a week
  5. English for Academic Purposes (2hrs X 4 days)
  6. Business Comm. & Tech. Writing: (2hrs X 3 days a week)
  7. Managerial English: (2hrs. X 3 days a week)
  8. Grammar Studies: (2hrs X 3 days a week)


There is no refund for whatsoever reason and no replacement of a registered student to another after registration. The institute will consider no refund once registration has been completed, regardless of whether the student has attended class/classes or not. This is because we start classes according to the number of registered students for each proposed course and class. Withdrawal from a class, replacement of a student or refund after registration will upset the initial cost plan for starting the course. Therefore, you are advised to think carefully before registering.