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Issak A. Ibrahim

Mr. Issak A. Ibrahim (Uncle Issak)


Mr. Issak Abdi Ibrahim (aka Uncle Issak) is the officer in charge of the Admin. & Finance Office, which is an important organ of the Department of Planning, Administration & Finance of the University of Southern Somalia. Trained as a professional teacher, ‘Uncle Issak’ has an unparalleled professional experience of over 37 years in teaching, administration & finance as well as in educational leadership. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and attended numerous professional development courses that add value to his professional etiquette and performance. In addition, ‘Uncle Issak’ has participated in a large variety of academic leadership seminars and workshops specifically held for professionals in the admin & finance departments of educational institutions—and most recently for higher learning entities. It is in great respect of these characteristics and qualifications that ‘Uncle Issak’ is entrusted with the leadership of the Admin & Finance Office of the University of the Southern Somalia, the pride of the South-West State of Somalia (SWSS).  


Administration & Finance Office

The Admin & Finance Office is mandated to plan and administer key activities relating to the flow of the University’s financial services. The office follows guidelines that are adherent to the objectives of the policies introduced to achieve institutional goals. It streamlines the general expenditure of the University by neutralizing, whenever necessary, any financial disorders and/or losses that could have been incurred which might have impeded the general operation of a healthy financial system. Apart from budget planning and design, the Admin & Finance advises the Executive President and the Board of Executive Directors on matters concerning decision-making. It is tasked to implement and oversee the day-to-day operation of the University. As such, its responsibility includes revenue collection, supervision of institutional financial affairs; maintenance of separate departmental as well as individual student accounts and preparation of institutional financial reports for planning and strategic decision-making.