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The University of Southern Somalia Alumni Association (USSAA) is a branch of the institution whose tasks include the tracing of our alumni wherever they are—in the Southwest State of Somalia (SWSS), in the country or around the world.

It represents the spirit of the USS and celebrates the lifelong achievements of its graduates, past and present. Every graduate student of the USS is welcome to join the association and share his/her experiences; professional advancement and all other achievements related to his/her movement up the professional ladder.

Based on this spirit, we welcome you to share with us and the body of USS alumni about how the University of Southern Somalia contributed to shaping your academic prowess, prepared you for your career, and helped you achieve the valuable professional standing you are proud of today.

Muslumeey: Fear is for the coward

Long-serving midwife and USS graduate, Muslima Mursal Abdi (Muslumeey), heading the podium

With her fellow graduands in the far background, in-command Muslima Mursal Abdi (Muslumeey), one of the most experienced midwives in the South-West State of Somalia (SWSS), walks proudly to the podium. With all eyes on her, Muslumeey delivered an inspiring speech and a powerful message. Ever since that day, her story keeps reverberating in the South-West society, particularly in Baidoa. She is praised as a champion—the heroine who dared herself against all odds to go for higher education, only to be joined later by her son Bashir ‘Keerow’ in the same institution, the University of South Somalia. Graduate Muslumeey’s message to the audience was concise but informative:

“It is fear and not age that is holding you back from studying; and fear is for the coward. So, it is neither too late for anyone to study nor can age be a barrier for one determined to accomplish one’s dream for academic advancement. Don’t look far; I am an example.”

As the enthusiastic audience, including His Excellency President Abdiaziz ‘Laftagareen’ of the SWSS, went wild in applause, Muslumeey stepped down from the podium, only to be escorted with another huge burst of ovation. In fact, we, the University of Southern Somalia, feel privileged to have educated and graduated an experience-rich professional midwife like Muslima Mursal Abdi ‘Muslumeey’. Her inspiration will doubtlessly live forever, persuading many among the young and the old to concentrate on their studies and accomplish their dreams.

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