President’s Message

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President’s Welcome Message

Welcome to the University of Southern Somalia, the academic icon of the Southwest State of Somalia (SWSS) and the pearl of Somalia’s higher education platform. We are a community driven by the philosophy of human development. Our objectives and goals are informed by the quality of our leadership that sustains the provision of world class higher education that is built on a solid and reliable academic foundation. As the leading higher education institution in SWSS and a prominent learning center in the country, we strive to offer superlative training. We use a rigorously designed, cutting-edge curriculum that allows our students to grow and develop market-oriented skills, high level creativity potential, ethically-guided professionalism, and a quality of leadership that is next to none. Our faculties and departments aim to equip our graduates with the necessary academic tools, training and skills that place them at the forefront of their peers, both in academic standing and in professional leadership as required of the 21st century and beyond.

Due to our commitment to excellence in learning and teaching as well as in research, we have developed relationships with foreign universities and continue establishing various collaborations and affiliations with academic institutions at home, in Africa, Asia, Europe and elsewhere in the world. We aspire to introduce and participate in the new methods and programs that give our graduates special consideration whenever and wherever they seek career opportunities. Our motto is to graduate students who’ve been adequately trained, shaped, and mentored to be confident enough to take their career paths with optimum diligence.

For more about our undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses as well as our research degrees and research affiliates, we advise you to browse our website and share with us your opinion and course of study. In case your area of interest is not covered in the list of our courses, one of our experienced counselors can advise you on the next step toward your academic success.

Our Independent Institutions

1. Hakaba Institute for Research and Training

In an effort to scale up our potential, leverage our expertise and engage our network of scholars and researchers, we launched in February 2020 Hakaba Institute for Research and Training (HIRT) as an independent organ of the USS. In HIRT, we intend to create a huge network of scholarship that brings together a national and international body of academics and research scholars who will eagerly contribute their expertise in the diverse disciplines to the development initiatives in the country and the world. These academics, researchers, and experts will visit the university and share their insights with the USS students in formal lectures, seminars, workshops, and in research and supervision of students learning in our institution for a higher degree.

2. The Institute of Languages & Literatures

Similarly, the University of Southern Somalia has inaugurated the Institute of Languages and Literatures whose aim is the improvement of our students’ English language proficiency. In addition, the IL&L prides itself by introducing the study of other languages and cultures such as Maay, Arabic, Italian and other programs focused on African Studies. The IL&L is an important organ of the USS in that it has the responsibility of training teachers who will teach Maay language in our local SWSS schools. In addition, the IL&L has the institutional mandate to teach and research on the cultures and languages of the various ethnicities that make part and parcel of the SWSS. This vision is framed in a broader institutional strategy that intends to prioritize the study of the humanities: the richness of literature in the alleys of human philosophy and human life; the inseparability of human culture and human values and how they shape human behavior; and the importance of history in learning the past and its impact on the present—thus challenging us to problematize historical facts and current realities in our strategy to develop an infrastructure that shapes a better future for the coming generations.

3. Society & Development International

The University of Southern Somalia has proudly launched Society and Development International, an academic journal that reflects the essence of the local and global trends and fulfills our inspirational dream in research and development. It is an academic publication whose scope covers development issues in the Southwest State of Somalia, the Federal Republic of Somalia, the wider Horn of African and the East Africa region, the African continent, and the world. The establishment of these new initiatives responds to the USS leadership’s vision and commitment to raise the academic conscience and consciousness of the youth so as to elevate the intellectual bar of our young scholars.

4. Huburow: The voice and vision of the USS’s students

To conclude the bit about our potential related to the current institutional reform strategy, I would like to take the privilege to announce the launch of Huburow, the e-Magazine that symbolizes “the voice and vision of the students of the University of Southern Somalia.” With the introduction of Huburow, the students of the University of Southern Somalia can now have the opportunity to practice creative writing, develop their English writing skills, while at the same time airing their vision politically, economically, environmentally, socially, academically and culturally. They can conduct debates and discuss a broad range of issues related to the South West State of Somalia, the nation, and the world arena using Huburow as the medium of their platform. Being the voice of the young scholars at the university, Huburow is edited by a vibrant team of enthusiastic USS students determined to broaden their skills beyond the classroom and across the horizons of guided knowledge. They work under the supervision of a team of dedicated faculty. Every USS student is invited to contribute to the e-magazine by writing about any subject or event of his interest and sharing it with the rest.

Thank you for visiting our website as we welcome you to join our growing body of students.
Executive President
University of Southern Somalia
Baidoa, Southwest State of Somalia