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In order to avoid the costly experience of studying abroad, the University of Southern Somalia, Baidoa, has taken the initiative to introduce a variety of Postgraduate programs designed to respond to the market demand. These programs are taught by resident professors at the USS and their affiliate counterparts from outside the country, all of whom are published academics with sophisticated expertise in their respective disciplines and areas of specialization. Our Postgraduate programs are relatively cheaper than others offered by institutions either in the country or abroad; yet our quality is uncompromised and our credentials accredited by our European partner institutions.


Entry Requirements:

To undertake a postgraduate program of Masters Level:

  • You need to have earned a good Bachelor’s Degree relevant to your program of study.
  • You must have about 2 years of work experience

English Language Requirements:

  • Evidence of good proficiency (by Test & Interview)
  • Certificate of Approval from the USS’s Institute of Languages & Literatures
  • Enrolment into the IL&L’s Academic English Course


  • For the MBA and EMBA, enrolment is possible via diverse Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Exemptions are possible for other areas too; please seek advice from the Academic & Student Affairs Office

Path to the Master’s Qualification:

  • Each Master’s program consists of a Coursework and a supervised dissertation/thesis or a project of a limited scope
  • Midway through the program a candidate can exit with either a Postgraduate Certificate or a Postgraduate Diploma, depending on the number of courses/modules successfully completed

Masters Degrees:

MBA (General/Generic) (2 years)

MBA (International) (2 years)

Executive MBA (EMBA) (2 years)

MA Public Health (2 years)

MA Public Administration (2 years)

MA Community Development & Gender Studies (2 years)

MSc Health Sciences (Nursing) (2 years)

MSc Health Sciences (Midwifery) (2 years)

MA Sociology & Social Work (2 years)

MA English Language and Literature (2 years)

MA English Language & Applied Linguistics (2 years)

Postgraduate Certificate (TESOL) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (6 months)

Postgraduate Diploma TESOL (1 year)

Master of Education (MEd) TESOL (18 months)

MA TESOL (2 years)


Studying for a doctoral degree is a very challenging task. It requires a high level of personal motivation, engagement, and perseverance while overcoming the academic hurdles along the path. A doctoral candidate should be, in addition to guided training and supervision, an independent learner able to commit a vast amount of his/her time on self-study. Such a candidate is also required to stay in constant contact with the supervisor/s assigned to help him through the program.

With two highly experienced resident professors to oversee the development and related activities of our postgraduate programs and liaise with our overseas academic partners, we are pioneering at the University of Southern Somalia the fine-tuning of locally educated home-ground academics and researchers to world class professionals with unparalleled expertise in their areas of specialization. This unique initiative makes the scholars at the University of Southern Somalia a dedicated community whose philosophy towards research is exquisitely woven in the academic fabric of the institution. With that academic prowess and potential, we welcome you to join us in our pursuit of shaping the next generation of high caliber researchers and professionals.

Entry Requirements

The ideal entry to a doctorate study is a relevant:

  • a Master’s Degree earned from a tertiary institution recognized by the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) of the University of Southern Somalia;
  •  a copy of your Master’s thesis/dissertation. Upon evaluation and scrutiny of the Master’s thesis/dissertation and transcript, the GSC will either endorse or decline to endorse the candidate’s application.

In exceptional cases, the GSC may consider:

  • a UK undergraduate (Bachelors) degree with a First Class Honors or Upper Second Class Honors and a work experience of 5 years in a higher learning academic institution recognized by the USS..
  • alternatively, and in addition to a UK first class or upper second class honors degree, the candidate must have acquired relevant professional/working experience related to the area of both first degree and degree being applied for.
  • an equivalent qualification from a recognized overseas tertiary institution endorsed by the GSC, the credentials of which the issuing institution has validated and confirmed.
  • proof of a good command of the English language by exam.

Areas of Doctoral Study

Doctor of Education (EdD) (4 years: Coursework + dissertation of about 45,000 words)

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) (4 years: Coursework + thesis of 40,000 words)

PhD Health Sciences (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of about 80,000 words)

PhD Education (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of 80,000 words)

PhD Social Sciences (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of about 80,000 words)

PhD Sociology & Social Work (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of 80,000 words)

PhD Public Administration (3 years: Coursework + dissertation of 80,000 words)

PhD English Language & Literature (Coursework + dissertation of 80,000 words)

PhD by Published Work (18 months: an examination/evaluation of published work)