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Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Students’ Union of the University of Southern Somalia. We are a community of young scholars from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. We cherish equality, morality and diversity. We invite you to be an active member of this large community of young scholars whose motto is to develop personal skills and serve their society in a meaningful way. We have clubs and societies which you can join according to your interest and/or particular skill you want to develop and acquire. You can choose a minimum of one club or society and a maximum of two. By joining a club or a society, you are supposed to be an active member who contributes to the objectives and goals of the club or society as a platform for gaining knowledge relevant to it and building your skills through your active participation under the guidance of an adviser or a mentor. Therefore, you can select the society of your choice from among the following: English Club; Environmental Society; Health Club; Business Society; Debate Club; Research Club; Leadership Society; Cultural Club. Choose your club or society and let’s move ahead.     

Clubs & Societies

English Club

Good proficiency in the English language has been identified as one of the major problems facing students learning at the University of Southern Somalia as well as other institutions of higher learning in the country. In order to solve this problem, the USS has established the Institute of Languages and Literatures, employed qualified English language lecturers, and developed courses of various competency levels to address the problem. Therefore, the English Club has been established for students who want to develop their English language. For those who have a weakness in one or the other of the communication skills, and want to improve their competency level in the language, can join this club. Members of the English Club discuss matters of concern and liaise with the Head of Academic & Student Affairs. The Head of ASA will then assign a moderator who will work with the members in remedying the weaknesses and coordinating the plan of activities to be conducted.  

Environmental Society

Our environment is our life. We depend on the environment in more ways than we can simply imagine. So we cannot ignore to be conscious of the well-being of our environment as our health and well-being also depend a lot on the quality of our environment. For the purpose of consciousness and interaction with our environment, it is necessary to engage young scholars in understanding the benefit of environmental well-being and environmental studies and management as a method of improving ourselves in health and in well-being. Members of the Environmental Society are expected to learn and understand more about the environment, develop activities that improve the environment, and reach out to the society in environmental awareness programs. Members of the Environmental Society are leaders in the protection of our environment and its sustainability as part of our life.

Health Science Society

Without good health, humans cannot be productive. Without good health we cannot live a comfortable life. Someone who is not in good health cannot be an active citizen. And an individual without good health cannot participate in nation building. Health is therefore a priority for all human beings, young and old. For that matter, the Health Club has been formed for young USS scholars who have a deep interest not only in studying the subject, but also those who aspire to make an impact in practical health matters. With these important concerns in mind, members of the Health Club are expected to be pioneers in matter related to improvement of health. As young scholars, they are expected to develop their leadership skills in the health sector. They have to set their own agenda and plans of activities and strategies to implement them. They have to conduct reach out programs that target the wider community for the improvement of health issues and participation in health campaigns. They work with the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences and/or the office of the Head of Academic and Student Affairs in order to get advice for the coordination and implementation of their activities.   

Business Club

Business is a multi-facial activity with multi-disciplinary meanings. In the broader sense of its meaning, business is any transaction we make with others for the exchange of goods or services, and for profit-or non-profit. On the other hand, business, as a subject of study and as practiced globally, is about trade and trading in which profit accumulation and production of better goods and provision of better services is at the center of its goal. With the latter concept of business, our society needs men and women who are leaders in these activities of production of goods and delivery of services. These important sectors of business require people who are shrewd and engage in observing society from the perspective of the realities of the business environment. As young scholars and members of the Business Society, you are expected to be ingenious, observant, engaged and analytical of the business trends of our society. Therefore, developing such skills are better started today than tomorrow; so that, as business entrepreneurs, consultants, experts, and leaders, your familiarity with the multi-faceted aspects of business remains broad and solid compared to those who will develop that only after their graduation from college. As a member of the Business Society, you have the opportunity to build you business skills now by being an active member and a creative participant of the activities to be introduced and implements by the Society.

Debate Club

The Debate Club has the aim of preparing student for public speaking and other skills of communication. It is a platform on which future political leaders, in politics or in other professions, are prepared and trained. They develop essential characteristics of successful debaters who can analyze the discourse of an argument rapidly, respond to it satisfactorily and at the same time convince the audience on their point and its acceptability in comparison to their rivals’. It requires meetings, preparations and practices that are held either regularly or occasionally. The Academic & Student Affairs Office assists the Debate Club in coordinating its activities and arranging a supervisor/mentor to help the members develop their skills. It is an opportunity for students interested in political leadership to join the Club and participate actively in its activities in order to improve their public speaking skills, summation of their logic, and knowledge related to the nature of debating.  

Research Club

Research is one of the themes the University of Southern Somalia intends to have an edge over other institutions in the country. To fulfill that goal, the USS launched Hakaba Institute for Research and Training where a good number of research-oriented academics appear in the network of the institution. Through that philosophy, the USS has expanded the goal by attracting its students to join the Research Club and start practicing research even at junior stage in their studies. Thus, students whose aim is to experience investigating and understanding social issues can join this community of young researchers. Members of the Research Club will be trained in research methodology and encouraged to conduct their own research or participate in group research under the supervision of one of our faculty. This great opportunity of practicing research will enable students to conduct reliable research or even lead research teams in future, whether as academics or consultants. Leadership in research is regarded by many academics and professionals as a privilege for the few who have the patience to examine problems in order to benefit society at large. Therefore, if you have an interest in discovering new realities of things and behaviors of people by investigating their nature, this is the right club for you. The challenges you experience today will help you overcome difficult situations later in your life.