Admissions Officer

Mr. Said Sh. Osman Hassan

Mr. Said Sh. Osman Hassan

Mr. Said Sheikh Osman Hassan is the Admissions Officer of the University of Southern Somalia. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences, Mr. Hassan has worked in the area of administration at supervisory level and for distinguished institutions including the World Health Organization, Umbrella for Relief and Rehabilitation Organization and several local non-governmental organizations. Carrying over a decade and a half of experience in administration and management, Mr. Said Sh. Osman Hassan has undergone training on higher education leadership and management, which places him miles ahead of others functioning at the same capacity and in other tertiary institutions. As the initial contact person of the institution, Mr. Hassan has been trained to counsel and deal with students and visitors of the University with respect and due diligence.


Admissions Office

The Admissions Office of the University of Southern Somalia plays a key role in the implementation of the University’s mission and vision. It is the initial meeting point where prospective students are welcomed, advised, guided, and registered into a program of study. The office therefore welcomes the applicants to discuss their concerns and matters related to their academic issues and what they can expect from the University of Southern Somalia.

As part of the University’s code of conduct, the USS Admissions Office practices an admissions process guided by transparency, fairness, and consistency in the services it provides, regards of whether the level of study is undergraduate or postgraduate. As an important organ serving the extended family of the University’s academic community, the USS Admissions Office complies with the rules and regulations set by the University, legislations enacted by the administration of the South-West State of Somalia and the Federal Government of Somalia while at the same time maintaining the international standards required of a higher learning institution.