Board of Executive Directors

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USS Board of Executive Directors

Within the limits of the authority mandated by the University of Southern Somalia (USS) constitution, laws and by-laws, the Board of Executive Directors is the governing authority under whose leadership and guidance all the other organs of the USS operate. The Board of Executive Directors is therefore the sole responsible authority over the community of the University of Southern Somalia for transparency including admissions, academics, funds and finances, projects and public relations and matters concerning the overall administration and governance of the university.

Members of the USS Board of Executive Directors hail from multiple social and academic backgrounds, constituting well-respected notables and leaders in business entrepreneurship, distinguished professionals of high caliber, and nationally and internationally renowned academicians. In their collaborative approach, members of the university’s Board of Executive Directors are a team dedicated to achieving institutional goals by providing institutional guidance and oversight to the system of governance as well as strategic input to the leadership. In their prerogative, members of the USS Board of Executive Directors approve the institutional strategic plan, the annual budget as well as the drafting, amending and adopting of the major policies that govern the university, academically as well as administratively.

Members of the USS Board of Executive Directors

Eng. Abdifatah Isak Mohamed (Abdifatah Samaale) is the current Chairman of the USS Board of Executive Directors. He is a Telecom Engineer with remarkable management skills. Eng. Samaale is currently also the Deputy Minister of Education of the Southwest State of Somalia (SWSS). Prior to his appointment to the SWSS cabinet, Eng. Samaale worked for five years at different capacities and in multiple leadership roles for Hormuud, the leading telecom operator in Somalia. Chairman Abdifatah “Samaale” has earned M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering from East West University, Bangladesh, and lectured at Jamhuriyah University of Science & Technology.

As Chair of the Board of Executive Directors of the University of Southern Somalia (USS), he designed and implemented a strategic plan for the development of the university, ensuring that the educational quality of the institution and its academic programs are of international standard.

Professor Abdi Mohamed Kusow is a prominent and internationally recognized sociologist with extensive scholarship in international migration, social inequality, the African Diaspora, qualitative and quantitative methodology, and social statistics. Professor Kusow is also one of the most recognized scholars on the social and geopolitical dynamics of the Horn of Africa region. His research appeared in top ranked sociology and international migration journals, and serves as editorial board member on leading sociology journals. Professor Kusow has given invited keynote speeches at many international universities, including Ohio State University, USA; Aalborg University, Denmark; York University, Canada; and Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.

He was an invited speaker at the 2017 Doha Forum. Professor Kusow is Co-editor of the Journal of Somali Studies,, and served as the Vice Chair of the Somali Studies International Congress, 2007-2017. He is Appointed Member, International Scientific Committee of the Slave Route Project: Resistance, Liberty, and Heritage, appointed by the Director-General, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, UNESCO 2017-2021. In addition, Professor Abdi Mohamed Kusow is the principal founder of the University of Southern Somalia. He is currently Professor of Sociology at Iowa State University, USA.

Mr.Osman is one of the emerging young leaders that set the academic vision of not only the University of Southern Somalia but of the whole country. Before his membership to the Board of Executive Directors of the University of Southern Somalia, Mr. Osman worked with reputable organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) where he functioned as National Program Officer. He similarly held the position of Team Leader while at the UN Mine Action. Mr. Ali A. Osman’s long experiences in leadership and senior managerial posts have also seen him working with a variety of national and international NGOs. Accordingly, Mr. Osman brought to the USS an unparalleled quality of leadership any institution would envy.

Prof. Mohamed Eno is poet, essayist, writer, composer, and a polyglot educationist. He is senior faculty and Resident Professor at the University of Southern Somalia, Baidoa, SWSS. He has held academic leadership positions and taught in various higher education institutions inside and outside Somalia. With a teaching scope expanding across multiple disciplines and research focus in both the humanities and the social sciences, Prof. Eno’s expertise covers a wide range of academic fields including teacher training, educational consultancy, curriculum development, educational foundations, educational policy & leadership, African studies, research methodology, social studies, health & social work/ social care policy and management, English language, applied linguistics & TESOL, teaching methodology, community development, project management, and literary & cultural studies, to highlight just a few examples.

Prof. Mohamed Eno is the recipient of multiple awards of Excellence in Teaching as well as international and institutional recognition for research. Prof. Eno has authored 5 books and authored and co-authored journal articles and book-chapters of multi-disciplinary approaches of over 40 publications. He is co-editor of the Journal of Somali Studies and member of the editorial board of several credible and indexed academic journals. Dr. Eno’s works, including academic publications, creative writing, and contributions of writings on social issues are available at: