The voice and vision of the University of Southern Somalia’s students

Huburow is an e-Magazine. It is the voice and vision of the University of Southern Somalia’s Students. Through Huburow, the USS students can exchange their views, discuss academic issues, and create a debate on societal maters of concern. For that matter, it is not only a platform for interaction and debate, but also an approach that aims at improving students’ writing skills, creativity, and skills of negotiating with and analyzing the essence of on the written text. In that sense, Huburow, as a medium for students, enshrines knowledge of diverse disciplines and interests. It invites young minds to reflect on the reality of that which is envisaged by the truth of their mind and their soul. It informs not only what a perception might be in a reflective monologue but rather how that monologue can be developed into a dialogue and discussion that delivers the perceptiveness of the discussants involved.

Huburow is also recognition—a dedication to the large community of USS alumni whose undying intellectual and professional bond with the University is much appreciated. Huburow embeds pride—a celebration of literature and culture and all about the deeper roots of love for the Humanities—in the higher sense of human intellectuality.

Therefore, only after having been blessed from that higher sense of intellectuality and those deeper roots of love for the Humanities could any ideology breathe life into the arteries of the sciences and the social sciences and all knowledge that appertains to the technologies that make us proud of our civilization, our being humans. From another perspective, Huburow, as an ideology, is an all-in-one medium that portrays diversities of all types; so, unpacking a particular type depends on the discipline in which the individual reader or writer hails from.