Student Affairs

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The University of Southern Somalia is a non-discriminatory institution which hosts a magnificent body of students. They are the nation’s young, fresh and sophisticated brains and come from diverse social, ethnic and economic backgrounds. Yet, they are one and united in their determination to face the challenges of education in order to participate in nation building. They constitute some of the most brilliant learners in the country and anywhere, and have very promising leadership qualities. For that matter, the USS students are trained not just to excel in academic performance but they are also mentored to be creative in business and professional activities. Their training and mentoring prepares them to shape and advance the livelihoods of citizens in the South-West of Somalia and, of course, the entire Federal Republic of Somalia.

Traditionally, our students are trained to transform diversity into unity by participating in numerous curricular and extra-curricular courses and activities that make them shine at every event they volunteer to participate in. As USS ambassadors, they are the bearers of the institution’s symbol of excellence. Their enviable scholarly characteristics, promising leadership traits and successful participation of events reflect the quality of relationship the USS builds and maintains with its young scholars as the leaders and professionals of tomorrow. Among other sources, the sound quality of mentoring which our students receive stems from the supreme quality of the USS leadership itself that informs the initiation of mentorship through the establishment of clubs and societies in which students participate actively as members.

Therefore, in order to prepare them for crafting solutions to the societal challenges ahead, the USS students join a club of their choice. Among them are, for instance: the Debate Club; Society of Young Researchers; Business Club; Health Science Society; English Club; and the Environmental Society. This insightful strategy, formulated under the leadership of top-notch resident professors, frames and informs the significance of espousing knowledge input and students’ intake and output—the goal being the nurturing of learner creativity that develops learner skills through theoretical knowledge and practical application.  It is due to the significance of the strategy of learner creativity that Student Affairs was purposefully affiliated to Academic Affairs and under the responsibility of none other than the Head of Academics, who thus assumes the responsibility of the Department of Academic & Student Affairs (ASA).