Admissions Services

Admissions Services2020-06-29T12:33:42+03:00

The Admissions Office is primarily the station in which applicants and prospective students’ questions are answered and admission and registration documents processed. Therefore its mandate includes:

  • Giving, receiving and filing admissions documents
  • Processing all official admissions documents and communicating the decisions on applications to the applicants.
  • Providing information and timely advice and support to University staff and Faculty on matters concerning the status of an applicant’s admission.
  • Offering expert academic advice on the nature and types of qualifications presented by applicants and prospective students.
  • Processing applications for Accreditation of Prior Education or Learning and conducting appropriate and prompt follow-up on decisions made on them.
  • Complying with the academic rules, regulations as well as academic legislations promulgated by the administration of the SWSS and the Federal Government of Somalia.
  • Exercising and adhering to the provision of a fair and transparent admissions process.