Mohamed Abdullahi Goos

Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Goos,

USS Library

Over the years, collaboration with local and overseas institutions and organizations and the Diaspora from the South-West State have taken a broad measure of initiative to realize the establishment of a library within the institution. Equipped with resource materials that cover all subjects taught in the university, the library play a very vital role in knowledge development, in both teaching and learning in the part of the lecturers and community of students, and as a resource of information for researchers engaged in investigating facts and available literature on their area of inquiry. The huge volume of materials in the library, therefore, attracts students as a resource center useful for writing their assignments and preps, as well as for reading references.

The USS, in collaboration with our overseas partners, is soon to launch an online library that will connect students, lecturers and other users to very useful resources selected to provide latest academic and professional publications. Unlike old days, with the use of their student ID, USS students will have the great opportunity to access remote resources with ease and comfort—including from their smart phones. One of the aims of the extension of the library responds to the fact as an icon institution, the University of Southern Somalia is shifting towards being a research intensive institution and a center of excellence in teaching and research.