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Shared Services Department

Mr. Abdi M. Abdi Kusow, Head of the Department of Shared Services, is a graduate of the University of Southern Somalia, earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health in 2016 after completing a 2-year Diploma in Nursing in 2014 in the same university. Prior to that, he had earned a Diploma in teaching and had taught in some of the schools in Baidoa city. He has solid experience in management and has been head of the USS Examination Office since 2016, where he restructured matters related to the conduct of the process of institutional examinations and helped in streamline the institutional Exam Policy.

Mr. Kusow has a rich profile that displays an integration of academic and professional training programs in areas related to teaching, monitoring & evaluation, management of hygiene & sanitation as well as personnel management. Therefore, the department, which provides services to all the other departments of the university, handles some of the most crucial tasks of the university and is privileged to benefit from the expansive experience of a high caliber Head of Department like Mr. Kusow.