The Board of Trustees

Within the limits of authority fixed by the USS constitution and laws, the Board of Trustees exercises final authority over the University. For the proper use of funds appropriated by the General Assembly and for the proper administration and government of the University, the Board of Trustees is responsible to the people of University of Southern Somalia.   

The university has a nationally and internationally respected members of Board of Trustees from academia and the business people. They support University fulfill its mission by giving oversight and input regularly. Usually the Board approves the strategic plan of the University, its yearly budget and major policies and initiatives.They advocate for the university locally and internationally to build its capacity for today and tomorrow.

Members of the Board include

  1.  DR. ABDI M. KUSOW 

    (Ph.D. – Sociology; MUP – Urban Planning; BA – Sociology

    PROFESSOR OF SOCIOLOGY, Iowa State University,USA. with over 15 years’ experience in research methodologies at Iowa State University and Oakland University. Recognized scholar on the nature of inequality in Somalia, has carried out extensive research and published in political economy of post-conflict conditions; survey methodology; applied quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis; forced migration and refugees; as well as livelihoods and quality of life studies. Has served as consultant on the above, among other issues, for the United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNSECO); the Qatar Museum of Slavery, and Centra Technology, Inc., USA.  He is also founding Chair of the Board, University of Southern Somalia, Baidoa, Somalia.


    Professor of African & Middle Eastern History, and Arabic, and serves as the Interim Chair, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Savannah State University. Since 1986, Dr. Mukhtar has been Producer and Correspondent, BBC/Arabic and World Services. He has also served as the Chairperson for the Somalia Committee for Peace and Reconciliation (Ergada), 1995-2000.

    Dr. Mukhtar also serves as the president and founder of Center for Peace Building Initiative (CPBI), 2005-present; member of the Global Advisory Board for Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, 2003-Present; advisor, Georgia delegate to the National Summit on Africa, advising US policy makers on education for Africa, 1998-present; and president of the Savannah Chapter of the International Committee of the Red Cross, 2004-present. He was a contributing editor to Islamiyyat Journal of the University Kebangsaan Malaysia and the editor of Demenedung, Newsletter of the Inter-Riverine Studies Association.

    Dr. Mukhtar is a two-time Fulbright-Hays Scholar, first in 1983-84 at the University of Pennsylvania and in 1984-85 at the University of South Carolina. He also was a senior lecturer in African and Middle Eastern History at the College of Arabic and Islamic Studies, National University of Malaysia, 1986-1990. He also was an associate professor of History at Somali National University, 1975-1983.

    Dr. Mukhtar’s areas of interests, publications and conferences are focused on the Islamic world, the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, Somalia, Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, Arabic Language, African Languages and the Muslim experience in the U.S. His major publications include: Language Marginalization, Ethnic Nationalism, and Cultural Crisis in Somalia (2010); Islam Among Early Slaves in America (2008); English Maay Dictionary (2007); Historical Dictionary of Somalia (2003); Islam in Somali History: Fact and Fiction (1995). He is fluent in English, Arabic, Somali (both Af-Maay and Af-mahaa), Italian, French and Bahasa Malaysia.

    He is also founding member of the Board, University of Southern Somalia, Baidoa, Somalia.

  1. BARLIN ALI HASSAN  is the program Coordinator with the Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) US Agency for International Development (USAID). Ms. Ali has more than two decades of experience in dealing with international development and global international disaster response. She has worked with public and private organizations that manage humanitarian and refugee assistance around the world in response to natural and man-made emergencies, including the 2010 Haitian earthquake, the 2011 earthquake/tsunami in Japan, and crises in Rwanda, Kosovo and Somalia. During the Somali crisis in the early 1990s, Ms. Ali played a major role in disaster management and received commendation from the U.S Military European Task Force. Prior to coming to the US from Somalia, she worked with international agencies including UNIDO and USAID.Ms. Ali enjoys volunteering and has served as the chairwoman of the University of Southern Somalia (USS). She is an accomplished cook and author and teaches at the Culinaria Cooking School in Vienna, Virginia. She is a member of founding Board, University of Southern Somalia.

  2. Engr Abdifatah Isak Mohamed

    (M.s in Telecommunications Engineering, in Electronic & Telecommunications Engineering). He is currently chair  Board of Executive Directors, University of Southern Somalia. 

5. Abdiaziz Ibrahim Ali -Heikal, M.s 

 Program Desk Officer, U.S. Dept. of State Washington DC.

 6. Engr Ahmed Qasim Ali

MS Civil-Hydraulic Engineering, University of Padua, Italy.                 

Certified Taecher in Mathematics, Physical Science, USA.                     

Seventy Semester-hours in  Mathematics and Education, Arizona USA.