Faculty of the foundation course

The Foundation Program of the USS Institute of Languages & Literatures features prolific lecturers with internationally recognized qualifications in teaching Foundation Courses, English language & literature, and ESL/EFL programs of all proficiency levels. These are lecturers who have studied overseas, taught in different parts of the world and have won multiple awards of Excellence in Teaching.

Prof. Ali M. Kusow  (Ali Attore)
Resident Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
Course Director & Lead Instructor: Foundation Program

FBA, Bachelor of Fine Arts
BA, Sociology
PG Dip in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
MA Sociology
D.Litt. (ongoing)

Ali M. Kusow is a renowned writer and poet as well as cultural critic. He is a musician, composer and cultural artist. In addition, he is a polyglot lecturer with extensive expertise in language education and cultural communication. His novels were published in both English and Somali. He is currently working on several projects that focus on language development and literary and cultural studies on the local scene and international arena. He has developed numerous courses and materials for the study of English, Sociology, Social Work, Leadership, Counseling, Communication, Study Skills, and Community Development; Political Sociology; Sociology of Health & Medicine.

Prof. Mohamed A.   Eno
Resident Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
Course Instructor: Foundation Program
Module leader: Business Concentration
PhD Social Studies Education

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)
PG Dip. Health & Social Care Management
B. A. English (major), History (minor)
B. A. Journalism (major), Arabic (minor)
Certificate in Journalism & Writing

A. English Language & ESL

Elementary & Intermediate Reading Skills; Elementary & Intermediate Writing Skills; Advanced Reading Skills; Advanced Writing Skills; Grammar Studies in ESL (various levels); Modern English Grammar (undergraduate & graduate levels); Creative Writing; Discourse Analysis; Introduction to Linguistics; Research Methods; Intensive English Course; Composition; PET Preparation Course; KET Preparation Course.

B. English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Foundation English; English for the Oil & Gas Industry; Business English; Communication Skills; Business Communication & Technical Writing; Managerial English; Academic English

C. Interdisciplinary Courses

Study Skills; Contemporary Issues in Education; Educational Techniques & Communication Skills; Teaching Strategies; Social Studies Education; Themes on Society & Social Change; Educational Foundations; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Development; Research Methodology; Community Development; Community Project Management; African Studies; English for Healthcare Professionals

D. Business Courses

Introduction to International Business; Business Research Methods; Business Communication & Technical Writing; Business & Society; Business Leadership.

Mohamed Aweys
Resident Lecturer, Social Sciences & Humanities
Lecturer: Foundation Program
Module Leader: Public Admin. Concentration

Masters Degree
Currently: MA Candidate in Public Administration (UNICAF University)

2019-2020: Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration; School of Social Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

Bachelor of Arts

2014-2019: B.A. Degree in Social Sciences: Major: Public Administration and Political Science; Minor: Social Administration; School of Social Sciences, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

2018-2019: Diploma in English Language Teaching, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

High School Education

2012-2013: “A” Level: Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, Crested Secondary School, Kampala, Uganda.

Secondary Education

2008-2011: “O” Level: Uganda Certificate of Education, Crested Secondary School, Kampala, Uganda

Primary Education

2001 – 2007: Primary School Certificate, Bustale Primary School, Mogadishu, Somalia

Professional Development Courses

  • Awarded Certificate of Report Writing by Makerere Institute for Social Development.
  • Awarded Certificate in Public Speaking by Institute for Public Speaking Uganda Ltd.
  • Awarded Certificate in Computer Applications by Makerere University.
  • Awarded Certificate in Community-based Reproductive Health {CBRH}.
  • Awarded Certificate in Good Clinical Practice by NIDA Clinical Trial Networks

Courses Taught

Concept & Theory of Public Administration; Comparative Public Policy; Development Administration; Human Resources Management; Introduction to Sociology and Social Theory; Criminology; Introduction to Anthropology; English Language; Language Developments Skills; Public Health Policy; Public Health Administration

Mohamud Abukar Abdullahi (PhD Candidate)
 Senior Lecturer, Health Sciences
 Module Leader, Foundation Program (Health Sciences Concentration)

Doctoral Degree
PhD (Candidate) in Health Sciences; Joint program by:

  • University of Southern Somalia (Baidoa,

            SWSS) &

  • St Clements Private University, (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Bachelor’s Degree

2016: BA Degree in Public Administration; Al Umm University, Mogadishu, Somalia

2017: B.A. in Public Health, Mogadishu University, Mogadishu, Somalia

2016: Diploma of Nutrition, Sky University, Mogadishu, Somalia

2015: Diploma Teacher Professional Training, Mogadishu, Somalia

2012: Professional Certificate of English, Golden Institute of Languages, Baidoa, Somalia

Courses Taught

Health Management and Leadership; Environmental Health; Health Planning & Policy; Primary Health Care; Epidemiology; Community Project Development & Management; Research Methodology;

Salah Abdikadir Khalif

Salah Abdikadir Khalif

Resident Lecturer: Multidisciplinary Studies

Senior Lecturer: Foundation Program

Mr. Salah A. Khalif has expertise in teaching multidisciplinary courses including Public Administration Theory & Practice; Public Policy Formulation and Management; English as a Second Language (ESL); general English; English Study Skills; Communication Skills; Ethics of Public Administration; Sociology; Somali Studies; Introduction to Public Administration; Administrative Law; Teaching Methodology; Social Studies; African & Global Studies; Curriculum Development; Language Assessment.