University of Southern Somalia

 The fees below are as approved by the Board of Executive Directors. No amendments or waivers can be made without written approval by the BED. 

Fees Structure 

Tuition Fees for Undergraduate Courses

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Department Fee/semester Duration
Public Health 200 4 years
Nursing 200 4 years
Nutrition and Dietetics 200 4 years
Medical Laboratory 200 4 years
Midwifery 200 4 years
Clinical Medicine 300 4 years


Faculty of Business & Information Technology

Department Fee/semester Duration
Business Administration 200 4 years
Management Science 200 4 years
International Business Mgmt 200 4 years
Economics 200 4 years
Information Technology (IT) 200 4 years


Faculty of Education

Department Fee/semester Duration
Biology and Chemistry 180 4 years
Math and Physics 180 4 years
English & Literature 180 4 years


Faculty of Sharia & Law

Department Fee/semester Duration
Islamic Studies 180 4 years
Law 180 4 years


Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences

Department Fee/semester Duration
Agricultural Education 200 4 years
Veterinary Science 200 4 years


Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

Department Fee/semester Duration
International Relations and Diplomacy 200 4 years
Political Science 200 4 years
Public Administration 200 4 years
Social Studies 200 4 years
Interdisciplinary Studies 200 4 years
Community & Rural Development 200 4 years
Law 200 4 years
Sociology & Social Work 200 4 years
English Language & Literature 200 4 years
Maay Language 140 4 years

Fees Schedule

In order to follow a systematic method of tuition fee payment and save students and sponsors from inconveniences arising from payment schedules, the University of Southern Somalia has adopted the following:

Fees are paid on semester basis and in two equal installments in each semester:

Semester One:

  • First Installment: 25 August to 10 September
  • Second Installment: 20 November – 15 December
  • Students and sponsors are advised to follow this method of payment

Semester Two:

  • First Installment: 25 January – 10 February
  • Second Installment: 25 April – 10 May
  • Students and sponsors are advised to follow this method of payment

Late Payment Fee:

Students who register late, (i.e. after the second week of the semester), will pay late registration fees of $ 10.

Annual Registration Fee:

Students must register for their courses annually at the beginning of the first semester of each academic year. An annual registration fee of $20 is charged for processing the annual registration.

Thesis/Project Supervision Fee:

For conducting undergraduate thesis or project a Supervision Fee of $100 is charged per each individual candidate. This fee covers activities and services rendered throughout the process of supervision—from Thesis Proposal to submission and defense of the thesis/project.  

Transfer Fee:

Intra-Faculty Transfer Processing Fee:

  • A student transferring from one department to another within the same faculty (Intra-Faculty Transfer) has to pay an Intra-Faculty Transfer Processing Fee of $15. In addition, a student will pay for the courses not taken in the previous department.

Inter-Faculty Transfer Processing Fee:

  • A student transferring from one faculty to another (Inter-Faculty Transfer) has to pay an Inter-Faculty Transfer Fee of $20. A transferring student will have to pay also for make-up courses not taken in the previous program.