Student’s Union is formed

STUDENT AFFAIRS DIVISION of  University of Southern Somalia held election to establish Student’s Union. The aim of establishment is to create an environment in which students can participate in any extra-curricular activities such as events, programs, seminars or Training etc.
 Assuming a more active role within the students’ union, or it’s numerous societies and sports clubs, is therefore an incredibly smart idea.
Teachers, faculty members, staff and different members from other universities were also present.
In addition to that,  election was observed by the top University officers held in the USS main campus. A complete structure of this division has been formed so far.
Regardless of your position, working for the students union has many positive effects. Here are a few things you should consider before running for the election:
Firstly,elected students have the ability to drive change. By leading campaigns or organizing events, you can steer the direction of your society, sports club or wider university, and advance the causes that you and your peers believe in. This can provide great satisfaction, and understanding the views of others allows you to refine the important life skill of empathy.
The power is all yours,’ said by president of University of Southern Somalia, ‘If you don’t like how something is working, you can change it, you can bring your problems before us’.
You may also really get to understand what the university does and you can see how it works from the inside.
Taking a more active role will also allow you to interact with students from a range of different background and this can result in the formation of strong, long-lasting friendships.
You’ll meet people from just about every course at the university.  ‘As an officer, you will be working with a diverse range of people, including, academics, university senior management, university staff, union staff, the wider community and importantly, the eclectic make-up of students. This experience, enables you to develop interpersonal skills with a host of audiences,’ explains Mohamed Sheikh Brahmanism, Academic officer at the University of Southern Somalia-USS.
Perhaps the biggest advantage of becoming more involved in your students’ union is boosting your employability. Common tasks such as managing budgets and running effective meetings allow the development of many qualities that are highly desired by employers, such as drive, leadership, influencing, multitasking, organizing, communication and negotiating. Having to make decisions that may be unpopular with some of your peers also enhances your resilience.
‘It is a totally unique and expansive work experience, where you will be campaigning with students one minute, sat at senior level committees negotiating what teaching and learning looks like, as well as understanding the importance of representation, openness and accountability,’ says Mr.Abdirazak.
The USS top management wishes newly elected members of Students Union to perform their duties and carry out several extra curricular activities in the University.
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