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Prof. Dr. Ali Jimale Ahmed Publications


Ahmed, Ali J. 2018. Gaso, Ganuun, iyo Gasiin. Laashin Publishers
Ahmed, A. J. 2012. When Donkeys Give Birth to Calves. Buy Now
Ahmed, A. J.  &  Tadesse Adera (eds), 2008. The Road Less Traveled: Reflections on the Literatures in the Horn of Africa. Buy Now

Ahmed, A. J. 2005. Diaspora Blues. Buy Now
Ahmed, A. J. 2002. Fear Is a Cow. Buy Now
Ahmed, A. J. 1996. Daybreak Is Near…: Literature, Clans, and the Nation-State in Somalia. Buy Now
Ahmed, A. J. (ed), 1995. The Invention of Somalia. Buy Now
Taddesse Adera and Ali Jimale Ahmed (eds.), (1995). Silence is not Golden. A Critical Anthology of Ethiopian Literature. Lawrenceville, NJ.: The Red Sea Press, Inc. Buy Now

Articles and Chapters

Ahmed, A. J. 2015. “Wole Soyinka: An African Balzac?” (Download)
Ahmed, Ali J. 2012. “Review of Milk and Peace, Drought and War…” (Download)
Ahmed, A. J.  2004. “Beyond Manichean Poetics: Towards a New Form of Syllogistic Thinking.” (Download)
Ahmed, A. J.  1990. “Premonition.” (Download)
Ahmed, A. J. 1988. “Proclivity for Suing.” Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies, 16(1); 138-142. (Download)
Ahmed, A. J.  1983. “From the Ashes of a Pigeon.” (Download)
Ahmed, A. J. 1983. “Why Are We Not Blest?” (Download)