Objective of the University

To create a new generation of capable youths who will be prepared with academic quality, professional expertise and adorned with ethical height.

To follow a policy of continued Modernization of knowledge and academic curricula in different disciplines of education.

The Moto of the University is to “Better Education for A Better Future”

Teaching Methods and Policy:

Methods:outcome-based education (OBE) and Bi – Semester system of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) through self-examination and external review. In this process students are evaluated throughout a course of study rather that exclusively by examination at the end. It is multidimensional and based on students (a) Attendance in the classes (b) Performance in Assignments and Class Tests (c)Scores in the Mid-Term and the Final examination (d) Lab. Reports (e) Thesis/Project/Internship (f) Presentations (g) Viva-Voce (f) Industry Visits (g) Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities

Policy: The University is committed to the life-long success of students in its undergraduate and graduate program through high-quality instruction and learning experiences. USS has Integrated Education policy, where a student achieves holistic learning through awareness of his surroundings and other relevant knowledge bases. USS emphasizes the diffusion of scientific, technical and profession knowledge on the other hand. In this regard, there are some courses for the students of all Faculties at USS, which are not a part of the main curriculum of the Departments, but those are named as University Requirement Courses (URC).

Ethics Development Program: USS incorporates studies on the values of mutual respect & peaceful co-existence in the courses under the “Development Program (MDP)” which includes all students of the university.

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities: 

USS supports student participation in a broad array of Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities as an integral component of its commitment to student life and success. These programs mainly includes leadership training, cultural, environmental, recreational and social activities, debating & public speaking programs, intellectual discussions, games & sports, excursion and study tour home & abroad to complement academic pursuits. By this programs student earn capacity to express out themselves properly, maintain personality and learn to respect people of others through mutual understanding among various regions and cultures. All Co and Extra-curricular activities are run by the club named after the Department, Computer Club and Business Club etc under the close supervision and monitoring of students Affairs Division (STAD).

Students Advisor:

USS provides student counseling, career and student welfare counseling by the Student Advisor of respective section of the student’s semester.