New course Professional Certificate in Social Work

The Department of Sociology & Social Work of the University of Southern Somalia announces the introduction of a short program of study in Social Work. Completion of this course of study leads to the award of Professional Certificate in Social Work. The course has been designed for caring males and females interested to access cutting-edge knowledge of the nature of community service in social work.  In additional to its professional focus and versatile features of study, the program has been prepared in such a way that it bears an academic weight equivalent to 15 undergraduate (Bachelor’s level) credit hours which students can transfer later to any relevant program.

Admission Requirements

Students enrolling into this program MUST have:

  1. Secondary school leaving certificate (show copy & original)
  2. Access to the internet
  3. Good level of English proficiency
  4. Sufficient time for assignments/activities after class
  5. Motivation to attend tutorials if/when needed
  6. Time to do practicum (one week)


The program uses English language as the medium of instruction. In a strict sense, neither the local Maay language, nor its sister Maxaa language is encouraged in the lecture room.

Course Duration & Schedule

The duration of the Professional Certificate in Social Work is Three Months.  Lectures are given 2 days a week with each day’s session consisting of 3 hours: (3hrs X 2 days a week)—six contact hours/week. 

Materials and Method

The program uses a combination of lecture manuals (handouts), internet-based materials, classroom activities, mini research tasks, presentations, and visits to selected social work organizations. The course concludes with a short practicum that helps students experience the nature of a real world social work service delivery.


A limited number of tutorial sessions will be organized outside the regular classes—provided that the need arises and students agree with the course director/lecturer about a convenient time.


The program utilizes a variety of assessment measures and tools and grading methods that are meant to get the student fully engaged during the study period—including:

  1. Continuous assessment tests (CATs) 20%
  2. Effective participation of classroom discussions and activities 10%
  3. Individually assigned essays 20%
  4. Group based assignments 10%
  5. Practicum 10%
  6. Final test 30%
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